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Psycho-spiritual work supports the individual in evolving and expressing their full potential. Difficulties and crises are transformed into powerful opportunities for growth.  Through the compassionate presence of the therapist, combined with various psycho- spiritual methods, one frees energetic blockages, transforms habitual patterns, and discovers psychological, emotional and spiritual healing. This work is appropriate for both individuals and couples.


Note that sessions are not just for working through difficulty, but can also serve the individual/s in an ongoing way for their overall psychological and spiritual growth.


Methods used can include:

Deep Listening

Emotional Freedom Technique



...I discovered a sense of braveness in myself and a sense of trust in things and in myself that was impossible to even imagine before.  If I am a better friend to life and feel more open to our common human condition it is thanks to Bogar's help.

Fede, Musician, Italy


...I only have words of gratitude for what Bogar has been in my life.  His humility and sincerity have been an inestimable help for my path.  His relationship with Sylvie has inspired me to find love in partnership.  His life example is a true guide of spiritual wisdom...

Theor, Poet, Spain 


His welcoming heart, intuition and compassion, his deep understanding of the human soul combined with his professional knowledge and experience make him the exceptional teacher and counselor that he is and an invaluable source of comfort and support for me. He is a loving, compassionate soul devoted to helping others and I’m deeply grateful to him for always being there for me.

Imma, Teacher, Spain


My experience with Bogar has been both satisfying and enriching...I've felt held, like a weight has been lifted, healing old wounds, and meeting fears...not analyzing, but rather, feeling in order to accept and integrate.

Enric, Photographer, Germany


...Bogar appeared in my life, a precious gift from the Universe!  His unconditional support, his attentive listening, his pure heart, and his spiritual development allow me to open more each day to my own heart, enter the most tender and wounded parts of myself with patience and care, and remove, litle by little, the barriers that I have created.

Sandrine, Translator, France


Bogar has been a wonderful guide to my spiritual journey as a meditation teacher and a therapist. He has helped me clarify the issues and find my honest voice through his open and warm presence.

Chika, Shoe Designer, Japan

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