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The purpose of our journey is threefold: to awaken to our Divine Essence, to embody our Soul Nature and to become psychologically integrated human beings. While some paths focus exclusively on the process of awakening to the deeper dimensions of Being, or exclusively on the psychological aspect, in this context, we work on all levels.


Spiritual practices and teachings are given which support the evolution of the Soul in form, and the awakening to Essence. In addition, we engage in psychological work which helps us to heal old wounds and to become familiar with and soften our conditioned patterns.

The potential consequence of working both psychologically and spiritually is embodiment, in a profound and ongoing way, of our deeper nature.

What happens in a small group?

We spend the first portion of class engaged in group practice, followed by a brief check in, in which each group member shares what’s present in their life. Participants are free to decide how much they wish to share of themselves during the check in. A teaching is then given related to a particular psycho- spiritual theme, followed by a group working in which we engage the teaching, often through different kinds of psycho- spiritual inquiry work. Members are then invited to share their experiences. We close with a short meditation.


Why small group?

Engaging in inner work alone has its place, but small group provides a needed form of human support, and can greatly enhance our journey. Through sharing, we often discover commonalities in our experience that help us to feel more connected to others. Also, to be witnessed by others in our journey satisfies a deep longing within the human psyche to be seen and to experience meaningful connection.

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